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with Angwish (US-TOUR 2014)
2B2@ The Waterhole Amsterdam
@ Jazzlokal Mampf
Jazzkeller Summa Summarum FfM
Ralph Eno
@Mausefalle Bonn
Live V
2B2@Grenzenlos Festival Augsburg
with Rock'n Rollf @ Jazzkeller Summa Summarum
@Sedgwick Aschaffenburg
with friends...
@ MTC-Cologne
Isabell Neumann & Sonja Gutermuth
LIve 9/14
@Adlib FfM
Live VI
Live II
with Simon Wollenberg@Amsterdam
2B2 @ Mampf
Isabell "Ilse" Neumann
Irish Pub Gießen
Vanessa Scheichenost
@Art-Bar Schwarzenbek (HH)
Live III
with Bryan (Angwish)@MTC-Cologne
Sonja Gutermuth
TomTom Bar Göppingen
Live IV
2B2@ Goldene Krone Darmstadt
Ralph E.
2B2 - Eno


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phone: 0049-69-57706451


MTC-Cologne with Bryan Bielanski
2B2@Rock Café Beans
Live @ Grenzenlos Festival Augsburg
w/Rock'n Rollf @ FfM


2013 - with the entry of Celia R. as the first „Voice“- transformed the concept of 2B2: From the pure songwriting for others (and some Gigs as 2B2&Friends) arose 2B2 (LIVE) and it followed the return on stage and the work on own songs.
The music ranges from Singer / Songwriting Stuff, Soul, Jazz, Pop, Rock...up to Dubstep, Garage and Experimental Sounds to create an own style and symbiosis of music and lyrics.
The development has just begun...
4/14 three more musicians entered the project - time for the next step! Enjoy the difference!

2B2 are (and in the past):
Celia R (Vocal, Frankfurt/Main ):
singing her whole life... (her work with 2B2 ends 4/14)
Since 2012 until 4/14 she receives professionel guitar and vocal lessons by


Ralph Eno (Songwriter, Berlin):
Makes music since he is 3,5 years old. 
Playing several instruments (g., b., key., p., dr., etc.) 
Songwriter, but also works as vocal and guitar teacher/coach and as studio guitarist. Education: Trained in various workshops, sessions, by private teachers and at the GIT.
Played (international) in several Bands (Jazz/Pop/Rock) and connected with a lot of artists (all styles). 


Sonja Gutermuth (Darmstadt): Bass, guitar and drums/cajon - student at the German Pop Frankfurt.

Isabell Neumann (Frankfurt): Vocals

Since 7/14 also Vanessa Scheichenost (Frankfurt): Vocals

P.G. (NL, Amsterdam): Drums

Need more Info? Feel free to contact us!


Isabell "Ilse" Neumann
Vanessa Scheichenost
Ralph Eno (No Trace)
Sonja Gutermuth
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